Gustafson/Bergmann Family Part 1

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What a BLAST! I really had such a great time with this family… teenagers are just FUN (Andy, I’m considering you a teen here ;p). It was kind of a technical nightmare for me… but  I suppose its all part of gaining experience and growth… lots of “notes to self” for future shoots. Let’s just sum it up by saying I’m grateful I had backup cameras… but I will be immediately purchasing backup batteries.

Anyway! How freaking gorgeous is this family?! I’m glad they were all able to relax and have fun… even if the pictures didn’t turn out technically perfect, we sure captured some priceless moments! Did I mention I’ve known this family since I was 2?! I can hardly believe how much they have all grown!  (I’ve been saying that a lot lately).

This shoot was meant to happen as one event after another came together for a really great experience! Quite possibly one of the most rewarding shoots I’ve had to date. I’m really figuring out what it is about Portrait Photography that  I love so much.  It’s seeing images like this of a family being a family! It’s documenting what this family is like right now. I love it. I really, really love it!

Plus, we’re all in Hawai’i. I’m sure that helps. :D


  1. I think these pictures are perfect because they aren't perfect! I think they are so fun to look at and they put a smile on my face even though I don't even know the family. These pictures are so full of life!!! I LOVE THESE PICTURES - they are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. LOVE THEM ALL this family is much fun to be able to shoot by the ocean...keep em coming

  3. alicia! thanks for taking our family pictures! you are the best!