Taylor Family Portraits

These guys are close to my heart (and many. many others' too, for sure!). I didn't know this at the time I took these, but they had not had professional family portraits done ever! Ever! But now they have beautiful, love-filled portraits for their home (and family!).

This was a super quick, slightly freezing photo sesh in their cute back yard. There was a lot of laughing, and beautiful smiles. Family portraits don't have to be a pain to plan for; they can be spontaneous and quickly thrown together.

Let's Get Real {Fashion, Cows and Newsies}

My husband is the fashion guru in our home. I grew up on an island where most current fashion was impractical (in my opinion), not to mention we had limited options,  and I have always been content with my  graphic t-shirt and jeans. I wear a skirt to church and when I'm pregnant, but 80% of the time I'm in sweats. My hubby on the other hand is quite particular about what he wears (and dang he looks good!). If I ever do need to dress up, and actually care that everything matches or goes together - I will definitely ask for his opinion (otherwise he's learned not to offer unsolicted advice haha). Who has the most fashion sense in your home?

I really wanted a milk cow. It was on my vision board and everything! I always thought it would be brilliant to have my own milk cow because you can do so much with raw milk and the babies are sooooo cute! My aunt has a farm that the boys and I love going to and she has goats, horses, pigs, chickens... and a milk cow and holy smokes that cow is big! So... for now I'm good. So good. But I'm not making any promises that one day my love for baby cows won't overcome all rhyme and reason and I won't end up with a real life milk cow. Because I might.

I love exploring new cities. Dangerous, right? Like I said, I grew up on an island and all I wanted was to go to New York because, Newsies. (Obviously.) After I was married at age 20 I had the chance to go to New York with my parents and siblings and you better believe I took it! And I loved it. My husband traveled for work until we had our first child and I loved going with him to see the different cities in our amazing country! There are still so many places I haven't been just in the United States that I want to see! Let along the world! GAH!!! And nevermind all the small towns and hole in the wall treasures that only the locals know about! It gives me butterflies just thinking about it! We do travel a lot as a family but I'm less adventurous with 5 little guys in tow. What U.S cities are your favorite to visit?!

So, so, so random today. But there you have it! Truth. 

Let's go to Kaua'i {Ke'e Beach and Dry Cave}

My favorite beach on Kaua'i is Ke'e Beach.  If you can get there on a relatively calm, clear day you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will probably get toasted because you forget to reapply your sunscreen again and again because you're going to be there for so long!

Kasey, Fashion Portraits

Gah! This girl is stunning! And as real as they come. She has a mind of her own and won't hesitate to tell you how much she loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts or belt out Celine Dion! 

Hele On to Kaua'i {Duke's Kaua'i}

The Original Hula Pie
Hele on to Kaua'i,
Hanalei by the Bay,
Wailua River Valley...

...and Dukes Kaua'i where I go for the friggin' ono (delicious) mahimahi and Hula Pie.  

Let's Get Real {Snapchat, S.A.D and Comic Con}

I'm bearing my soul here, guys!

I am slightly obsessed with snapchat filters. So is my husband. I will hear him cracking up at himself. Like, die laughing and it makes me laugh to see/hear him losing it! In all honesty some of those filters are disturbing and freakin' hysterical. Especially the ones with a voice changer.