Kainoa {Kaua’i Children Portrait Photographer}

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Where do you take pictures when you’re in Hawaii, besides at the beach? Well, when it’s a blustery, overcast, kinda-rainy day, the dull color of the ocean, in fact, drains the life out of my photos!  Where do you find color (besides green/brown) within a decent length’s drive? A big blue building, that’s where! And it was perfect for this photo shoot with Kainoa!  His mom warned me that he doesn’t smile for the camera. I’m not going to lie, I though I was going to charm him and make him come to life like she’s never seen! What a blow to my ego ;) Brotha-man, seriously, just chose not to smile. Obviously, Kainoa is a gorgeous child even in his serious zone, but I knew mom wanted some smiles.

Well, we got them! Now I know why she wanted them so bad!  This kid is a “stunna”, even with his half-smile, this kid lights up and is a whole ‘nother type of gorgeous!

So much fun! All the stresses of the pre-shoot and finding a (somewhat) dry location with enough light and color, completely disappear once I’m shooting! I really, truly, love it!

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  1. I love it! We have the same problem in florida trying to find a place other than the beach to take pictures...
    what a cute little guy!