The Essence of My Life

Photography is art, right? Of course it is! Well - it can be.

Of the thousands of images I make of my children (my world, my life) only a few a year really blow me away and make me think, I have to put this one up in my home.

And it should be big.

I love doing this for other people too. There's nothing like going into a friend or family members home to see a picture I took displayed on their wall. 

The first time that ever happened, it was a picture of a bunch of plumerias that I took (on film!) and gave to my grandma and aunt. I think I was 18. I even signed it. Even still, 10 years later, when I see it up on my grandma's wall - I smile. It's just an awesome feeling!

I have big plans for our front room... with big pictures... I just haven't created the right image... until this week. I still need a few more, but I am thrilled that I have images that I adore. No, not adore - it's more than that. They are images I can't stop looking at! (vain? sorry.) The technicalities of the images are beautiful - but what takes my breath away is that they are images of my children. They are what my world revolves around (and my husband, too, of course!). 

Anyway. This thought came to my mind and it felt so good I had to write it down. Then I had to type it up. Then I had to design it.

The end. 

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