Walked and walked and walked and walked…

I’m exhausted.

I’m exhausted, because I walked and walked and walked.

Around the zoo.

With my kids.

And my brother and sister!

I am thrilled  that my parents and 3 of my siblings are here in Utah! They arrived last night and the time is already going by too quickly! 

The weather was cold.warm.cold.warm.hot.cold.warm.WEIRD.

Welcome to Utah, I guess! Summer is fighting and I’m on summer’s side! Let the good (even HOT) weather begin! I love summertime in Utah. It makes the 8/9 months of winter worth it.


2Apr 170-1

He’s happy about it too. :)

But I’m exhausted. All that walking did me in.

But I would do it again tomorrow.  (But won’t, because Old Navy is having their $1 Slipper sale -or flipflops… whatever you want to call them!- and my brother, Tyler, is having a very very special day tomorrow before he goes into the Missionary Training Center on Wednesday!) Here’s hoping for good weather, but if it has to rain, can it be warm, tropical-ish rain, please?!

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