Girls Night… a photo shoot adventure.

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Meet Tiffany, Brittani and Amber. They’re my friends. (Yes, I have friends and it’s awesome!). Sorry guys (if there are even any single men who read this, lol), these ladies are happily married with really really cute kids!

We decided to have a girls night and I suggested *ahem* that we have a photo shoot!  Each of their reactions were the same, hesitant,  “Uhhh… really? okay…” I had to get them as excited as I was!  All of these girls are super fun and beautiful! I knew they would have a blast  once they decided to!  I even suggested they watch a few episodes of America’s Next Top Model to get inspired… lol.

I know it’s a little difficult for moms to have all the attention, but freaking-A (what does that even mean, anyway?) they deserve it! I think we figured out that the last time they had had a photo shoot (that wasn’t with their children/family- just them!) was either their Senior Portraits in high school or Bridals when they had gotten married! They were so due. And I was itching for a photo shoot. It all worked out great!

We laughed so hard (you know when your head starts hurting because you’re using those random muscles in your jaw – yeah! That.much. laughing!) and just went with it. It  was so much fun for me to observe and capture the different personalities and see this side of them! And I was thrilled to get some stunning portraits all the while! We were anticipating some rain and darn it – the rain didn’t even come! We were (okay, I was) up for anything!

I’ll do it again. Hopefully, those who couldn’t join us this time will see how much fun it can be and want to be there next time (and I won’t even say I told you so…)

And hey! If this looks like something you might want to do with some of your girlfriends, let me know! I’m sure we can work something out! It’s really that much fun.





  1. Really, really cute idea! Love all of those. Love girls nights too!

  2. It really was fun:) Thanks! There are some pretty "good" ones not up here too- I guess you are saving them for the "album cover" :) ha ha

  3. Mark and I love the one of just the cowboy boots and the tracks! Soooo good! And the rest are super cute too!