Please excuse the interruption in our regular programming… {Angry Birds Birthday Party}

My oldest turned 5. FIVE, people! (Those of you who have multiple children over the age of 5 may go ahead and roll your eyes, or patronizingly grin at me).  Either way, it  kind of blow my mind (or “blows up my mind” as the said 5 year old would say.) I’m not super crafty or creative but since discovering Pinterest, my self-esteem and courage in these departments has gone up… like… a ton. So here are some ideas I found for the chosen theme of “Angry Birds” (it’s what he wanted, and I was blown away at  all the ideas I found!)

Disclaimer: Please do not judge my photography by these straight-out-of-the-crappy-phone-camera-pictures! I don’t even own a decent phone camera. Shameful. (ha.)

After the boys went to bed, Cam and I blew up all these balloons and put them in his room to wake up to (big hit!)


Using this template, I traced angry bird faces out, the boys colored them, I cut them out and they helped me tape them on. We hung these up with ribbon with the streamers (not pictured, so use your pretty imaginations!) No, that is NOT on his head, he is holding it in front of his face as if an angry bird (phew, glad I clarified!)


All of the angry bird balloons and a home made pinata on the left, ( I used this one for inspiration)


My budget wasn’t extensive so we got some stickers and let him make goodie bags for each of his friends. Peeeerfect!


And the cake pops. Oh, the cake pops! I’ve never  made them before. In fact, I have never worked with white almond bark, candy melts or fondant for that matter! It was pretty much Intricate Cake Pops for dummies. If you want to know what I now know, leave a comment with your email and I will personally send you the lessons learned (yes, I wrote them up because they were that extensive!) To sum it up, they were positively delicious. But only 4 of 17 were slightly cute or survived. Notice the green one in the back falling off the stick? Yeah…. and the blue ones were going to be birds… and I didn’t even bother taking any shots of the red ones…. LOL… I’m laughing to myself just thinking about the red ones… oh boy.

Anyway, these four pigs survived (ironically!) which was perfect because he had 4 friends over (we keep it simple around here) and each got to take one home. I didn’t get a shot of  the simple cake with a fondant pig  head on it… LOL… oh boy… that just sounds wrong!


Anyway! Cam bought some Angry Bird dog toys from Wal-Mart. The kids build structures with small boxes, placed the toy piggies and all threw their squeaky  angry bird at the structure. They did that most of the party, it was awesome entertainment for everyone! We even had a slingshot but it was broken during intensive practice before the  party…

Angry Birds Birthday Party gets a 5out of 5 stars from me! The guys and the girls had a blast!

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