My heart.

18Nov 253-1

Holy smokes, I love this kid!!! (Picture taken by Malu States)

Fall Fun

11Nov 175  11Nov 291-4-2

There’s just something about kids playing in Autumn leaves that I love!  Maybe it’s because I never got to growing  up in Hawai’i.

I just had to get a few good shots in the leaves, and as you can see it was really difficult to get my boys to cooperate! :) Oh to be young and fit in the pile of leaves!

Snow… in October…


27Oct 013-2  27Oct 147

So, I guess it’s normal to have a big snowfall before Halloween… (I think that’s weird! But that’s Utah!)

I am not particularly a fan of winter, but I think I am honestly ready for the snow this year. It was so beautiful and my boys had so much fun in it! Now as long as I don’t have to go anywhere… or do anything  (a.k.a “as long as I don’t have to be in the cold…) … Winter and I - we should be good.

Call me Master Jedi…

17Oct 006 17Oct 011

This is my 3 year old… he wants to be a Jedi when he grows up!

You may think I’m joking.

I’m not!

Cute Marsing Boys

21Sept 266-2 21Sept 320-2v 21Sept 387-3 21Sept 484 21Sept 555-2 21Sept 594-2 21Sept 639-2 21Sept 761-2 21Sept 775 21Sept 855-2v 21Sept 878-2 21Sept 924 21Sept 932 21Sept 962-2SMALL

I think these picture say it all!! Their Momma has her hands full …Full of CUTENESS!!! ;)

Audrey and Ammon

25Sept 012 25Sept 822 25Sept 881 25Sept 1165

 25Sept 507 25Sept 4509Oct 072 9Oct 563 9Oct 676 9Oct 717 9Oct 087

What an adorable couple! May they live happily ever after!


Yep, that’s me! The slacker. But hey! It’s my blog – I do what I want!  And right now I want to catch up on a few shoots, and some other goodies I want to share!  So stay tuned, I’m not going to throw them all on this post  - I have intentions of being more organized than that!